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Our instructors have years of experience as guides, fisheries managers, and instructors, successfully teaching hundreds of students in all age groups how to fly fish. (more details)

Our curriculum is not just more complete than you'd expect, it's FAR more complete than you'd expect. We'll cover everything you need to know to get your new hobby started, and then we'll double it. (more details)

Students can borrow top notch equipment at no extra charge -- rods, reels, waders, etc. You're free to bring your own stuff, but you don't have to! (more details)

We limit the class size, so everyone gets plenty of individual attention, and 13 years old or older is strongly suggested. Otherwise, everyone is welcome! We've taught students of all ages and backgrounds.
(more details)

Westover Farms Nature Park is located just south of Steelville, Missouri at the headwaters of Dry Creek, offering luxury lodging, hiking, sporting clays, and (of course) world class trout fishing. (more details)

This private trout stream offers four distinctly different types of water: including a fen-based spring branch, an English-style meadow, a tightly canopied brook, and a rough & tumble wild creek. We can teach you how to tackle them all.
(more details)

Westover Hatchery raises and stocks a specialized hybrid rainbow trout, selectively bred for it's durability, strength, rapid growth rate, and aggressive nature. They also raise steelheads -- no kidding! (more details)

Our 2-day Weekend class includes lodging in one of Westover Farm's luxury cabins -- and we'll feed you, too! (more details)

Get it? It's a sand dollar! Ok, so it's not so terribly funny. Spending money is a tough thing to laugh at, but we're sure you'll find Trout Hunter Fly Fishing School worth every single penny. (more details)

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