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Where to Fish for Trout
in Missouri
This page was updated 1/20/08

Through this page, you'll find links to every public trout fishery in the state. The links are arranged in a variety of ways to help you find what you're looking for. If you can't find the information you're looking for here, LET US KNOW. We'll help if we can.

Missouri Trout Finder
Going to be in the Ozarks and would like to sneak away for a bit of fishing? Click on your destination below for a quick run-down of nearby trout-fishing opportunities.

Branson Area * Ft. Leonard Wood Area * Joplin Area * Lebanon Area
Rolla Area * South Central Region * Springfield Area

Missouri Trout Fishing Areas

There are four Trout Parks in the State of Missouri, three of which are state Parks, one of which is privately owned and managed in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Conservation. The conditions are typically crowded, and there are additional fees, but the fishing is usually very good.

There are nine White Ribbon trout waters in Missouri, and they are largely managed as put-and-take fisheries. Some receive a lot of fishing pressure, but others do not. Most will provide some secluded fishing within a week or two of the stocking truck leaving the scene.

There are three Red Ribbon trout waters in Missouri, which are managed to provide larger numbers of trophy fish. They are generally stocked annually with brown trout, but they all have strong populations of rainbow trout present as well. Regulations are more strict than regular management areas, but they are generally less crowded and more wild in nature. A good trade-off.

There are nine Blue Ribbon trout waters in Missouri. Wild the Blue Ribbon waters vary in size and quality of fishing, they all have one thing in common. Every Blue Ribbon water in the state is home to wildly reproducing rainbow trout. The smaller creeks generally are not stocked, relying on nature to keep the trout population strong. The larger rivers, however, may also receive intermittant stockings and offer a better opportunity for trophy trout. At one time, some of the small wild creeks were strictly catch and release only, however, you are now permitted to keep one trout daily of at least 18" in length on all Blue Ribbon waters.

The state's Winter Trout programs have expanded notably over the last few years. There are now Winter Trout Fishing opportunities available in 29 lakes in ninr urban areas around the state. Many locations have a catch-and-release season. These areas are typically stocked between November and March each winter.

There are a number of privately owned Trout Ranches located in Missouri. Although they are not public waters and are not stocked or managed by the Department of Conservation, they are quite popular. Expect to pay for the privilege of fishing.

Missouri Trout Fishing Destinations
Barren Fork Creek * Bennett Springs State Park * Blue Springs Creek * Capps Creek
Crane Creek * Current River * Eleven Point River * Hickory Creek
Lake Taneycomo * Little Piney Creek * Maramec Spring Park
Meramec River* Mill Creek * Montauk State Park * Niangua River
North Fork of the White River * Roaring River State Park * Roaring River
Roubidoux Creek * Spring Creek * Stone Mill Spring Branch

Kansas City Winter Trout Areas * St. Louis Winter Trout Areas
Columbia Winter Trout Area * Jefferson City Winter Trout Area
Jackson Winter Trout Area * Mexico Winter Trout Area
Kirksville Winter Trout Area * Sedalia Winter Trout Area
St. Joseph Winter Trout Area

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